You can batch or mass rename files and folders in Windows XP, Vista and in Windows 7 by using a simple freeware called Win7 X Folder. It is very easy to do such tasks using Win7 X Folder with it’s very easy to use templates you can batch rename in a click of a button without any need to use wildcards.


  • Select the a source where you want to perform batch rename operation in the main window of Win7 X Folder.
  • Click on “Mass Rename” button in the right side of the interface.
  • Select any one type of rename you want to perform by selecting “Only Files“, “Only Folder“, “Both Files and Folders“.
  • Select an appropriate template each templates explain about themselves so no need to say anything.
  • Click on “Start” button to start the batch rename process. (Be careful do not perform these operations on system files and folders which may effect proper working of your system. )


Win7 X Folder batch rename utility


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